Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nice surprise to end the week

Last weekend at the Quilt Shop Hop I was incredibly lucky. At each shop everyone had a chance to win one of the many door prizes - patterns, material, etc. I ended up winning something at 5 of the 9 shops. Then Thursday I got a phone call. Seems my luck continues. Each shop had a main prize and then there were the 1st prizes (sewing machine, etc.) Turns out I won one of the shop prizes.

Saturday I went over to Treadle Yard Goods to pick up my prize. When I got there I received a tote bag filled with goodies.

The tote bag/messenger bag is vinyl with pockets and was so full it couldn't be latched. (Sorry the pictures aren't that great, my camera is hiding and I had to use my iphone.)

Inside was a ton of material, decal for the car, several little storage containers and a travel iron.

The material ended up being a lot - seriously, a lot. There's 12 yards of material!
2.5 yds of the brown/blue materials (1/2 yd of each) and 1.5 yds of the lime green prints

Then there was 7 yds of a beautiful paisley. Enough for a main color of a quilt front and the backing.

As if that wasn't enough, there's 1 yd of 8 1/8 yd pieces of homespun in natural shades. They came with a little charm attached to them.

Finally, the travel iron. I did a little search on the net on these and I'm very impressed with the reviews of it. This will be a wonderful tool and something I've been looking into getting so - great timing!

What a wonderful surprise to a very hectic week. All I can say is THANKS! Treadle Yard Goods. You made my day - make that, made my week!

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