Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fiber Weekend

It's noon on Sunday and it's already been a great weekend. Yarnover was yesterday and today I've been quilting.

Yarnover is the annual gathering -workshop/vendor marketplace put on by the MN Knitter's Guild. Its all volunteers who do an incredible job of organizing everything and getting the top teachers in the knitting field. My 2 teachers for the day were Romi Hill and Amy Singer, editor of Knitty. Romi taught lace surgery and Amy taught a class on putting your best foot forward when making submissions on your designs to magazines. Both were great classes and I have a lot to think about.

Beside the classes and seeing friends, there were vendors. Lots of vendors. It was yarn to the left

Yarn to the right

Yarn pretty much everywhere.

Not only yarn and other fiber goodies everywhere - Lila and Claudine came to visit with everyone.

This morning I decided it was time to get the borders on the quilt top and get the backing started.  I had a bit of a problem.Back when Chief first joined the "family" he discovered quilting. He wanted to be so helpful but it created a few problems - hard to quilt around a kitty.

Time passed. I qult quilting, got Bert and now, Bert has discovered the joys of helping me quilt.

Problem is - again, its a bit hard to quilt with a kitty holding down the quilt top. But, we made it through and the top now has borders. On to the backing. I decided to use the leftover strips of material from the front a make a truly scrappy quilt.

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