Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little Pieces

About a month ago I said I needed a new quilt for my bedroom. A week or so after that I went to a shop closing sale and bought a couple kits. I don't usually do kits but the price was way too good. So, I started working on one of the kits. It will be perfect for the guest bedroom. Simple Shoofly pattern with borders and very scrappy looking.

Well, I'm getting it done between life and making totebag/purses. I finally have enough done to take a few pictures.

Still needs a few borders and, of course, quilting it all together but at least the blocks and sashing are complete so I can see what it will look like.

Interesting thing about quilting - you seem to be sewing little pieces together forever and getting nowhere. This quilt is 35 blocks. Each of those blocks are 13 pieces. Then there's the sashing - a strip between each block and a little square at the corner of each sashing. All in all a lot of seaming that just makes a pile of blocks and some strips. Then suddenly you start seaming the sashing to the blocks and the blocks to each other and you have rows. Then the rows go together and a few more seams and suddenly its a quilt top. There's 7 rows so once I got to that point it took less time to get all the rows together then it took to make a block.

Sometimes life is like that, you work on something forever and seem to get nowhere. Then, one day it all falls into place and your life becomes a finished quilt top instead of a bunch of little blocks. But its still fun to work on the little pieces and blocks so I try to remember to enjoy every part of my life, not just the finished "product".

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