Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little of this - Little of that

Where to begin... I don't have a full blog post on any topic but many things have happened the past week or so that I had to quick post a couple things.

  • I almost have my latest quilt top completed. It's 35 Shoo fly blocks with sashing and borders. When I get it done, I get a picture during the day because pictures at night with flash just aren't working.

  • I finished a new tote bag and took a seriously bad picture of it. It's out of 3 different upholstery materials with a pleat in the front. There's pockets on the sides for phone or whatever and pockets on the inside (which is lined). I love it but, as I said the picture is seriously bad. The gold/tan color is close but the pleat and background colors are shades of medium dusty green (really - not kidding!)
Chief offered to pose with the bag for size comparison

  • Yesterday was the end of an era. The boss at work that (I feel safe to say) everyone had major problems with, ceased to be employed at our company - he is "pursuing other opportunities outside the company". I'll just leave it at that other than to say we are all breathing easier and I've seen more smiles in the past 24 hours than the past several months.

  • My cousin's daughter was gracious enough to announce a reason to get the knitting back on track - Layla is about to become a big sister. He/she is to arrive in October so it will be a wonderful time for lots of baby sweaters and of course Layla will need some toddler fiber goodness spread to her also. Layla's mom is a great mom and my cousin is a wonderful grandma so this new family member is guaranteed to be another special wee one.

  • In 2 weeks is Yarnover. I'm taking a couple classes - one on lace surgery and one on getting your designs ready to send to publishers. My lace homework is ready to go but I need to go through the boxes of finished knit items and grab some of my designs that I've never finished writing up an maybe I'll get some good pointers on writing proposals.

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