Saturday, December 1, 2012

It Makes me Happy

A little bit ago we got a new TV channel - Antenna TV. Checking it's website, it looks like this channel is available in several areas. What makes me happy about it is - I get to go back in time and relive some happy childhood memories by watching old TV shows I haven't seen for a very long time.

Tonight "It Takes a Thief" has been on.

The first time I saw this show I was in junior high and my older brother was watching it with his friends. I pretty much acted like a bratty little sister and pushed my way into the room to see what they were doing. In the process I fell in love. Robert Wagner was one of my first crushes (him and Davy Jones and Lee Majors and, well there were several crushes back then). One of the later seasons when Fred Astaire joined the show, my best friend got all excited. She was all over Fred Astaire at the time and for a show to have someone for both of us was great. The episode with Fred tonight made me a bit sad cause my BFF is no longer alive but, for an hour we were young again and watching "It Takes a Thief" together.

This made me think about other childhood memories. Sometime around my birthday (early November) the Sears and JC Penney Christmas catalogs would come out.

 I would spend hours and hours studying them to decide what would be on my Christmas wish list that year. I remember lists including Barbie doll stuff; games like Mouse Trap, FeelyMeely, Clue; books of all sorts; skis one year; of course, there was the year of the transistor radio.

This year my Christmas list would have different things on it. I'm more grown up. My list would have grown up things on it. (Hardly). My list would still have toys on it only my toys now are for knitting or quilting or the latest electronic gadget. Yup, this year's list would have bobbins for my Pfaff Creative 4.0; Free Motion Echo Quilting foot;  KnitPicks interchangeable needle cables; cotton blend batting; fat quarters; a new Windows Surface tablet; and so much more. Guess the kids get older but we'll always want our toys.

What's on your Christmas wish list?

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