Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas presents

Now that Christmas has come and gone and my cousin has brought the kid's presents to their home I can post s couple pictures.

This summer when I learned of the coming family member and found out it would be a boy I started making an afghan and a sweater. The afghan for a "Welcome to the family" present and the sweater for Christmas. Well, as it turned out we haven't had a chance to meet the new little one so both presents were sent for Christmas.

For some reason I didn't get a picture of the afghan. It is turquoise blue with a bit a mohair halo and knit with a bit of a lace pattern. I knit it in the round and hope its nice a cuddly for our new little Jayden.

The sweater is off white cables. I designed it needed a bit of color but didn't want too much color so I added pale blue buttons.

Meanwhile for Layla I made a quilt she can sleep under or use on the floor to play on with her dolls. It's bright  and filled with as much excitement as Layla is. In the plain areas I designed a flower quilt pattern and this was the first time I tried designing and stitching with the embroidery unit of my sewing machine.

Again, I managed to not take a icture of the finished quilt. My new year's resolution is to be better at taking finished project pictures!

Chief has just crawled on my lap and typing has become impossible. Guess this post is over for now!

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