Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Typical Winter Day

In a typical winter day around here 3 things happen.

1. I watch a lot of TV and when there's an award show I make snarky comments about people who don't know how to dress.

Sigorney Weaver at SAG awards

Seriously, I am not the fashion police and my wardrobe is nothing to get excited about. Much of it is decades old but - if I were to be on international TV I would look at my outfit from multiple angles and be sure it looks great in more than just the "pose for the camera on the runway" moment. This "silk pillowcase" dress makes her chest look less than camera ready. (how's that for being polite!)`

2. Chief will spend a great deal of time holding me down so I don't float away.

I'm always glad to have 18 lbs of cat on my chest. As a matter of fact, he jumped up while I was trying to write this so I had to take a 10 minute break from cuddle time. Before I forget, Chief celebrated his 11th birthday last week. The big boy has given me more joy ( and cuddles) this past decade than I can describe. He's such a lover boy!

3. Bert will find something to steal.

Bert delights in nothing more than finding a comb or knitting needle or something else to claim as his own. His latest thing has been my bamboo knitting needles. I have to be very careful to have them securely attached to the afghan before I set it down because within 3-4 minutes of me setting it down he is trying to nab the needles.

All in all, winter days around here are very pleasant. TV, knitting (or sewing), cats and a nice warm home.

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