Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Bags

I know, 2 posts on 2 days. Could it be I'm actually returning to the land of the living from my self imposed lung ick seclusion?

I have a finished project to show (finally!) Last summer I made a project bag for a friend that I designed based off a bag another friend got from an Asian market. The bag wasn't designed for a knitting project bag but - we knitters take what we can to use for our obsession. So, the summer bag was a little too big to be able to make from 2 fat quarters and the rings I used on the top were a little too heavy.

I decided to give the bag another try and made it an inch smaller on each side and made the side top side loops inside of using rings. I think it turned out pretty good. Hope the person getting it likes it.
See the loops at the sides - the front long loop is brought through each of the side (and back) loops and becomes the handle.

The front of the bag has a bit of knitting related embroidery from a design by Embroidery Library. They're a local company that sells wonderful (and great priced) embroidery designs on the web. They have frequent sales and this design I picked up for only $1 during one of the sales!
I liked the way this bag turned out and I think I see more of them in my future. I may even get around to writing up the design. 

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