Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dreaming big Dreams

The past few months Chief has really gotten into watching TV from about 2 inches away. As I said before Jimmy Fallon is one of his favorites. But - he also likes to dream big and watch his relatives in the wild. Chief loves Animal Planet and the big cat shows. He was very excited to watch the pride of lions and a dead hippo but I didn't think that pictures would be a good one to share here. (not into dead hippo pics)

I have big dreams too. Mine are currently revolving around getting the quilt project done on time and having it turn out totally awesome. Two big dreams.

Here's a little bit of the quilt but not enough to really show it off, just in case anyone is looking here who shouldn't be!

There are lots of the 2 different stars and the snail's trails and the darker green is part of an inner border. There's an outer border with other stuff going on. When it is finished and has been delivered I'll be able to show the full quilt. Until then this (and pictures of Bert buried in scraps) is all I'll be able to show.

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