Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fixin' Slippers

I have a pair of knit slippers that I put on as soon as I get home. They're made out of "last forever" acrylic yarn and have a double layered sole. I've worn them forever and unfortunately, the outer sole has finally worn through. I decided a few weeks back I needed to fix the growing hole but didn't want to redo the whole sole. A plan had to be made.

The plan I came up with was to crochet a patch on top of the sole hole. It turned out working really well so I decided to share my ugly but effective fix with you.

First the slipper and its sad hole.

As you can see the outer sole was done in garter stitch which worked out well for my repair plan.
I grabbed 2 yarns from the junk stash and picked up the toe stitches with a row of singe crochet. Once I got to the end I grabbed the first stitch of the next row on the sole with my turning single crochet. Now, SC back across the first SC row. Turn an this this row I grabbed the purl loop of the sole with each SC across.


I repeated this 2 rows until I got well past the hole and for my final "grab" row I did a slip stitch and grab instead of SC so the end row wouldn't stick up. I forgot to take a picture when I finished so here's one after its been worn for a week.  The fix worked out well.

Chief still watches Jimmy Fallon every night.

March 20th
April 2nd
I could have taken the same picture pretty much any night the past few weeks.
Bert in the meantime has been helping me with a special quilting project. I'm doing it using paper piecing so after the blocks are done the extra paper/material is trimmed off, That's Bert's favorite part.
He also still likes to hang out in the kitty cottage when we're in watching TV.

So that's been our last couple weeks - work, quilting, knitting and getting ready to do some yard work when the grass dries out a bit from all our snow. This weekend was officially snow-out in my entire yard. Let's hope we don't get any more this year!!

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Jen said...

What a clever crochet fix! And your cats are too funny.