Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's a Kitty Jungle out there

I got a comment about the thing the boys were playing on in the last post. It's several years old at this point and still holding up well. It made up of 3 areas. The back where Chief is has a 2 level tube with a hole between the levels so they can run up and down between the levels. The 2 side pieces are 1 level "hammocks". This is Bert's favorite spot.
Sometimes they hang out on the top and look out the window or catch a quick nap.
Sometimes they hang out on one of the 2 lower levels and play with the dangling mousies. This is probably Bert's favorite activity.

If you have kitties I'm sure they'd love to have their own Jungle Gym. I got the original one at Target but couldn't find it on their web site. Last time I was looking in the pet area I did see one similar to this so hopefully if you want one you can find something close cause - my boys really love it!

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