Sunday, September 21, 2008

Same ole - same ole......

5 years ago today I was knitting and the cats were sleeping. The only difference is - the cats were Chief and Jamie back then. Now it's Chief and Bert.
9-21-03 - Chief and Jamie
What's the knitting going on? Oddly enough the same sweater. I started knitting the Soft Shoulders sweater (cable pic from last post) from Knitting magazine Fall 2003 back then and it got tucked away in a closet. Last week I found it and started working on it again.
Cats sleeping - same sweater knitting - I love progress. Just wish I'd see some!


Kat said...

I know what you mean about progress, the cats sleep in the sun and I knit. With luck the knitting changes from month to month.

Jamie is a pretty lady.

Hart said...

Just want you to know I check your blog quite often! I am in love with Bert and Chief! Their personalities really come across in your postings and the photos! Some cats can be so funny and entertaining! My bright colored calico is one of the not so interesting ones!

Oh, yes, I also crochet... and sew. That looks like a pretty quilt in this photo!

So, post more Bert and Chief photos when you can!