Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Knit?

Back in elementary school my fiber addiction began. Mom taught me to sew and embroider. My Grandma taught me to knit. In 2-4 grade I made many Barbie doll scarves, potholders and sewed many troll doll outfits. In 5th grade a made my first complete garment - a small blue checked long nightgown. High school saw many original outfit by me. I made "hippy clothes" and my own jeans. I made tailored blazers, swimsuits, nehru collar jackets and more. In college I got back to knitting. Back then I sewed to save money. I could make a pair of "designer" jeans that fit me perfectly for about $5.00 while basic jeans in the store cost $15 or more. (Hey - it was a long time ago and clothes cost less back then!) Things are different today.

Now a days I can go to the store and buy a basic sweater for $15-40 when they are on sale. I can't buy yarn worth wearing and knit something for less than that price. So we don't knit to save money why knit?

I knit for many reasons.

I knit to keep my hands busy. When I'm in a meeting my hands tend to play around. I'm constantly playing with my pen or doodling. I can't help it. Meetings at work aren't a good time to knit. The culture there just wouldn't allow it. Too bad. But when I'm home watching TV my hands are happily busy knitting. Better that then eating all the time.

I knit to create. Nothing makes me happier than watching the process of nothing become something. Following a pattern and making something is okay but when you can think something up in your head and see it happen, that's the best feeling.

I knit to have something to brag about. Oh let's admit it, we love it when people come up to us and say, "I love your sweater." and you can answer back - "Thank you. I made it myself." That's a rush to the ego and we all need something to make us feel good about ourselves. The only thing better is when you can say it's your own design - that's the best!

I knit because I love my friends and family. I like to give good gifts and give of myself. Knitting lets me show friends and family that I believe they are worth the time and money it takes to create a special present for them. Sure, it would be easier to run to the store and buy a gift card but that's just not me. I need to give of myself more than just the money it takes to buy a card. Give someone a gift you made and you are giving a bit of yourself that will stay with them a long time.

I knit because it puts good "mojo" into the universe. Knitting calms the knitter, bonds people together (fellow knitters), and when you knit for charity or prayer shawls it puts good vibes into the world and right now the world really needs good vibes.

There's other reasons I knit but these are the main ones. Why do you knit?


Guinifer said...

I knit because my hands and my heart have a need to "create".

Thanks for sharing.

Barb Nelson said...

I knit because it helps me relax.....and that can be hard with 2 kids. I do love to say "I made it myself" too - I can admit that.

I love to make gifts. People just adore it when you knit a new baby a little sweater. And really - they only take a few hours since they are so tiny.

But mostly I knit because I enjoy it. I love nothing better than I day when I have nothing planned and I can knit at my leisure. (And I just had one of those days and my wrists are killing me - thank goodness they don't come around very often.)