Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't cry because its over - Be happy that it happened.

This week would be my best friend's birthday but - sadly- she's no longer with us.
Back in 3rd grade I met Laurie. She lived nearby and seemed like a nice person. By 5th grade we were close friends and stayed that way "forever". Junior High we wrote notes to each other during classes and spent many evenings at each others house. We were in swimming together and had to get the same bike - a boy's black 3 speed. Quite the fancy bike back then.

High school she went to Grandma's at Florida with us and made new friends.

Laurie was friend to everyone she met.
Our group in high school became a close knit group who stayed together to this day.
Senior skip day - Laurie on bottom, me on top

Laurie loved to dress up. Our group would have 1 or 2 costume parties a year. Our Wizard of Oz party had Laurie as the Scarecrow, and me as the Cowardly Lion.

For the Bicentennial she made proper outfits.

But her best costume was made for her wedding. Her 2 sisters and myself found a material we liked for our dresses and refused to look at anything else. She was beautiful.
Over the years Laurie allowed us to enjoy her many talents.

The last several years we became travel buddies and there was always one constant -
She always wore the same t-shirt on our trips. Whether we were in England orChicago

or San Diego or in the Black Hills area

the Africa/zebra t-shirt was there.
I just wish Laurie were here to celebrate her birthday this week.
Don't cry because its over
Be happy that it happened! - Dr Seuss

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