Saturday, May 23, 2009

She's an energizer bunny

Today was the baby shower for cousin (actually first cousin once removed, sadly I understand the whole first/second cousin thing). My cousin (Grandma-to-be) is also a knitter. I think from the second she heard the news she started knitting and sewing and didn't stop until 2 minutes before the shower. She made 3 sweaters - one with a bonnet and booties, an afghan, hooded wash blanket, quilt,burp cloth, sewed a tag ball and tag blankie, and I know I'm forgetting much more. Cousin lives in Arizona over the winter as they retired a few years back. All this knitting and quilting from her makes me very anxious to hit the day when I can happily retire and concentrate on the important things like knitting and quilting. Until then I'll just have to be happy with the time I have and not be jealous of my cousin - the energizer bunny of knitting. (Hi Coz! I found out she reads this.)
My knitting for the shower I've talked about without showing many pictures. But Mom-to-be now has the presents so I can show them without wondering if the wrong person see them.
First up - the teddy bear. He came from a Knitting magazine a few months back and the second I saw this cute little gut in his onsie I had to make it. He (or is it a she with the ruffled front) lived around here flat until last week when he got stuffed and ready for his new home. Once he was stuffed I decided he needed a patch on the knee. He's made from Woolease so he'll be strong but washable, babies need that.
Next present - The Hot Pink Sweater.
I love this sweater. The yarn is a nylon ribbon thread Louisa Harding no longer available) with a bit of a shine to it. The pattern is from the Drops website - one of their free ones. I love that web site for find all sorts of nice patterns.
I like the lace border, it's nice without being too delicate. The white buttons are from my Mom's button stash so she could be a part of the present too. Mom absolutely adored babies and children. She would have been all over a new baby coming into the family.

So - the rest of the weekend? This is stacking up to be a good weekend. Last night was a fire pit gathering at a friends house. Today was the baby shower with family. Sunday is a picnic at a friend's house and Monday is a bit of yard work. I took off Tuesday & Wednesday and plan to pretend to go to work. I'll get up regular time (well, maybe a bit later) and head up to the other house to work on it. Work 4 hours - take a lunch break - work 4 hours and call it a day. I NEED to get serious about getting that house ready to get off my hands.

Have a great weekend!

(For some reason the spacing is way off - I've added 2 lines between each paragraph on the top and they still - stick together).

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