Monday, May 4, 2009

Lots of Knitting - No pictures

Knitting is happening around here - just no picture taking. I'll get them shortly but - here's what's been on the needles....

Teddy Bear.
Simply Knitting had the cutest teddy bear a few month's ago. I saw it and HAD to make it. He is wearing a onesie and has a collar and ruffle going down the front. My cousin's daughter is having the first baby of the next generation so - the bear got made and I'm all excited for the end of May to come and the baby shower. He's made of Woolease so he can be washed.

Hot Pink Baby.
Also for the baby (its a girl). I made a cute little cardigan in Louisa Harding Fauve. The bottom is lace and it should fit this fall.

Tree of Life Afghan.
The afghan is about 1/3 done made out of Woolease- natural color. The second section is supposed to be flower but I found them terrible to make. It was supposed to be 4 repeats but after 3 I decided to stop and look for another design to knit for a smaller section. Definitely need to save my sanity. The afghan is in time out while I hunt up a new design for about 40 rows.

Opal Circus Socks.
These are my traveling socks. They've been to the doctor's office with Dad, friends house for the Oscars, knit night, and around town. I haven't worked on them at home and so they haven't gotten too far. I'm starting to get sick of pulling them out of the knit bag so it's time to concentrate on finishing these up. I've got 2 inches left on the cuff of the first one and may put them into time out for the 2nd while I knit some socks in cotton for summer. These are Opal Zirkus-wool.

Icelandic Shawl.
Almost done. This shawl is Knit Picks Skimmer and right now looks like a blob. I have 10 rows of the border and then this puppy gets blocked like mad!

Finally, The Mitered Sock Squares- it's not a blankie- project.
As I add more and more mitered squares this looks more and more like its becoming a blankie but I still firmly believe it wants to be something else. It hasn't told me yet but, I'm patient. It will tell me when its ready.

Like I said - lots of knitting- no pictures. I need to get the camera out and get a few new pictures to show off all this work. Maybe tomorrow.

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