Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stay off That Foot!

Well - Monday was my foot surgery. I got there at 8:30 for 10:30 surgery time. The normal prep took place and I ended up in a huge paper gown and disposable underwear and footies. If you have never seen the underwear they give you you're missing one of the great events in life. I'm a larger person and therefore wear larger undies. The pair they gave me were a one size fits no one. They were kind of wide, a boy cut and about 3 inches tall (if that). They were pretty much a "why bother" kind of thing but, well, better than nothing sort of.

Once in the OR I did the deep breathing thing and some time later I saw a clock in front of me that said 1:15. Then it said 1:25 and so on while I tried to wake up. They gave me anti-nausea drugs because I don't wake up well from surgery. All in all it took me until almost 4:30 before I was alive enough to get dressed and leave.

One of my friends stayed the whole time and got me home. He stayed till 6:30pm when his wife took over while I slept on and off. By 10:00 I was alert and felt fine so I sent her home and promised to call if I needed anything. I'm a loner and it's easier to sleep if I don't think I have to be a hostess. So, slept I did.

Tuesday and Wednesday I would get up for 3 hours and sit in my recliner, then back to bed for 4 hours. I have a knee walker so I can pedal around the house pretty good (in short spurts).

Here's the first shots of my foot. Lots of bandages and braces keeping it from moving. No weight bearing allowed.
Here's a more typical shot of the last few days. Chief has been my nurse and rarely leaves my side. That thing in the back right of the picture is the knee walker. What a great invention! I just prop my bad leg knee on the cushion and pedal around on my good leg. I'd be lost without it!
Today was my first doctor visit and I now have a little less bandages. Everything is looking good but no weight bearing for the month. My little trip to the doctor showed me staying in the house and not going anywhere is a very good thing. The trip wore me out, getting in the car was tricky and well - I'm very glad I have the sick time to take the month off and be sure things heal properly.
Nothing left to do but stay off my foot and knit.


Guinifer said...

Heal quickly and enjoy the knitting.

Barb Nelson said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Jill. And how are you driving?? Are you taking cabs or getting rides from people? Let me know if you need anything - I can usually be counted on for a quick trip to the store if needed.