Saturday, March 13, 2010

UFO no more

(If you did a search on UFOs and think aliens are here - hit your back button, no aliens here - just crazy knitters)

There are many philosophies on unfinished knitting projects (UFOs).
Some people believe they should only knit one thing at a time and even when it gets boring - knit on to the finish.
Some people say as soon as you get bored or don't like it - rip it.
Some have "billions and billions" of projects going because they like to start new things or like to have different projects for all circumstances. Sitting alone - knit something complicated that takes great concentration. Knitting around others - pick something easy that is automatic to work on. Other circumstances equal other knitting projects.

I tend to fall solidly in the "whatever floats your boat" category. Sometimes I'll start multiple projects and end up with way too many things in progress. Sometimes I get very loyal and work only on one projects. This attitude varies with the seasons or moon phases or something I haven't' quite figured out. Then there's the projects like linger. I've been known to let things sit around the house "for a while" until I actually finish it.

Last year I pulled out a cotton vest I started in the 80s. Yes, the 1980s as in 25-30 years ago. I finished the vest and have worn it (and gotten compliments) several times. I also finished a Christmas socking started around the same time. It was donated to a charity for a silent auction.

This year I pulled out a sweater I started in 2003. I wanted a sloppy sweatshirt kind of sweater that I could throw on and bum around in. It's big and bulky and when I decided to finish it I was stunned at what little needed to be done.

This sweater is from the Knitters magazine issue #72 - Fall 2003. It's a Kathy Zimmerman cable sweater called Soft Shoulders. The shoulders are a clever saddle shoulder where the cable that runs up the sleeve then splits and goes on either side on the neck opening. I decided on Woolease because it's a good price, has wool to give it life and can be thrown into the washer without worrying about it. Forest Green Heather is a nice deep color - not at all what the first pictures look like.

Somewhere around Fall 2007 I had the back and half the front finished and pulled it out to knit some more. The front was completed and it was put away for a while.

Last year I pulled it out again and decided to start the sleeves together to be sure they were the same size. More knitting and it was put away. This year I pulled it out again to finish and discovered I had about 4 inches of the saddle shoulders left to knit, the collar, and then sew it all together. That was it. I had let this sweater sit around for over a year with less than 4 hours of work to do.

Yesterday & today I pulled it out one final time.
I knit. I sewed. I finished.
It's everything I wanted - big and sloppy and very sweatshirt like. Something I can throw on to run to the store to a friend's house. It will be well used.


Jen said...

Looks super-comfy! I love that color, too.

Toni said...

Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! It's beautiful!!!!!