Monday, March 8, 2010

My name is Jill and I'm a computer addict.

Thursday night while on my computer it froze. Nothing worked not even Ctrl-Atl-Del. So I had to do a hard shut down. When I tried to turn it back on I got an error message. After lots of checking memory, recovery checks, etc. I discovered I no longer have an OS partition. ARGH!

Much more checking and moments of sadness and going to the Geek Squad gave me my answer but not the one I wanted. I needed to get a recovery disk from HP. Wouldn't it be nice if they still gave you these disks at time of purchase like the old days. So - I contacted HP and will get the proper disk (I hope) Wednesday. I was looking at way too many days without a computer and I'm on vacation this week so I decided to get my old laptop functional to get me through.

This computer is OK, it gets me on the Internet but the Internet programs are older and I can't update them because it's a work computer and I don't have admin rights. It's great to be able to at least check email and get on Ravelry, etc but I feel like I'm in a hotel with a crummy mattress. You know that feeling where it's just not home, it's not your comfortable mattress you're used to. My fingers automatically go to the place where "enter" should be on my computer and it's the "shift" key. I go to Favorites and my links aren't here. I play a couple games on Facebook and this computer won't open some of them up because the Flash version is too old. How did we get so dependent on computers!?!

So until Wednesday my computer life will feel like it's staying at a slightly older hotel without the latest and greatest but I will be glad it's not "homeless".

I'm not going to try and get any pictures posted with this computer because it's just not made for pictures and "home" computing things.