Friday, February 26, 2010

I LIKE My Doctor!

As you may recall, I had multiple things done to my foot Jan 4th. Surgery that "forced" me to hang out at home for a month. This past month was a return to work but with limited walking and lifting to let the tendon re-attach to my heel and my toes to get back to normal.

The normal healing time is 4 weeks no weight bearing and 4 weeks with an air cast. Then up to 4 months more of getting your foot back to normal as far as walking without a limp, incision scars healed without "shrinking" to cause toes to be malformed, etc.

Well, yesterday was my latest check up with Dr Cute Eyes. Did I mention he has the greatest eyes. I'm an eye person. Anyway -

Two weeks into this whole thing he was so impressed with my healing powers that he lessened the no weight bearing by a week and let me try walking a very little bit after week 3. My check up a month ago he declared I was healing "spooky fast" and I could try a loose shoe the beginning of this week instead of waiting for normal time period.

Yesterday he looked at my foot and chuckled that I was healing "wicked good". Doesn't know what I'm doing to make this go so fast but - keep it up and if I figure out what I did I should bottle it. You have to love a doctor that calls you spooky fast (in a good way) and wicked good!

I've been wearing an old loose Velcro strap sandal this week with a major limp and soreness but - no more air cast and that's just fine with me. My heel is healing!

How about a quick game of where's Bert. We haven't played that for a while.
I came home earlier this week and was greeted by Chief but no Bert. I called him, Nada.
After searching his usual hiding places I noticed something wrong in the living room....

Guess he wanted to take a nap with Sam the Ram.


Toni said...

Yay!!!!! Glad the healing is going so quickly!!!!!

ShakeandBake said...

Great news, keep up the good work!

Tracie said...

Glad to hear you are mending quickly. My foot has been hurting bad this past week....7 months later.