Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Morgan's Hat

First some quick business -
1. I've been getting comments in Japanese that when I translate them are obviously not anything having to do with the blog. So I turned on the comment moderator for a while till the Japanese comments quit showing up.
2. No. I don't read Japanese. I used an online translator.

One thing that happens on Ravelry is amazing. We all join some forums (or a lot of forums) and end up making friendships with people from all over that we would never meet in a million years. I hang out in the She-Knits Podcast forum where we have daily Small Talk and a core group of us have developed a very tight bond. Many of us have met in person. Many have brought their friendships to personal emails and trading yarn & gifts. Most important, when someone in the group has a need we're all there for that person. This group kept me sane while recovering from the foot surgery last month.

Little side bar - today was my first day of work and my foot is pooped! I walked a bit more than I should have and need to be more careful the next few days while getting back to "normal".

Back to the group - one of the ladies in the group has a cute little daughter who has been dealing with problems requiring brain surgery way too frequently in her young life. She's headed for more surgery and will need to keep her head (incision site) covered while it heals so some of us from the group are making hats for Morgan.

I finished my hat tonight. It's made out of some KnitPicks Shine I had from last year when we made a group afghan. It's a nice soft cotton yarn so I hope it feels good on Morgan little head.
I only wish the camera colors were a little closer to the real colors. The main color is called Bachelor Button.

Her Mom says she's not too girlie and likes socks froma web site that had some funky graphic designs so I hope the combination of just a little lace and some some graphics will make her happy.

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