Monday, February 1, 2010

Cat in the Cube

This isn't a very exciting post but I was so amused at what happened Sunday I had to take some pictures and post about it.

Saturday I went out to dinner with a couple friends and - boy, did it feel good to get out into the real world again! Afterward I went over to the store to get some cat food and saw some cloth cubes on sale. I've always wanted to try them out for yarn storage so I got one thinking if it works I'll get some more.

Sunday, I pulled out the cube, made it and set it on the floor while I got some yarn to fill it with. When I turned around I found the cube had been repurposed.

If I stand in this box do I look more handsome? - Chief

I waited a little while thinking Chief would get tired of it and I could fill it with yarn. Chief left the cube about 20 minutes later after just sitting there staring into space (what an exciting life he leads).

Next commercial I got up a bit too late to fill it and had to wait again.

I don't see what is so exciting about this but if Chief likes it- it must be good cause my big brother is very smart and very handsome and I must do everything he does cause I'm the little brother and I love my big brother and he's just so cool... - Bert

Well - wait a bit more.
Back to Chief who decided to take a one hour nap in the cube. Then Bert decided - time to play.

I don't plan on attacking Chief. Really I don't. - Bert

Bert seemed happy enough. Chief would hide in the cube until Bert's paw would sneak over the edge and then he'd strike. This game went on for almost an hour.

Just gotta get myself into the right position, then I'll bounce! - Bert
Do you REALLY think I'm not watching you little boy!? - Chief
Who knew buying a $5 cloth cube would entertain the boys for 3 hours straight! Maybe they need to repackage them and sell the cubes to twice as much money as a designer cat toy.

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Toni said...

But if they're like Theo, as soon as it's CALLED a cat toy, they wouldn't want it any longer. :)

Such helpers!

Glad you're feeling better!