Saturday, December 11, 2010

Topic of the Day

If you live in Minnesota (the lower half) or parts of the country near us there is only one topic of discussion today - snow. Shoveling snow. Getting stuck in snow. Remember the last blizzard when..... You get the idea. We become stuck on the topic of snow and can't get out of it. It's our battleground and some of us survive, some don't.

So here's my story about today's snow.
Yesterday at work I decided to check out a few web sites and look for a snow thrower. I haven't had one since becoming an adult and I'l really tired of shoveling. When I saw the weather report I decided this was the year to get one. Sears reported a wait of 10-20 days for their models. That just wouldn't get me through this blizzard. Another home store had a model that was big enough to deal with what we were getting but not so big I couldn't handle it. They had 21 in stock. That was at 5pm.

6pm - I got to the store after dealing with rush hour and when I walked in the store 3 throwers were waiting in line to be checked out. When I talked to the clerk and he checked - they were down to 11. 10 of this model were sold in one hour. Glad I didn't wait! I got it home after a stop to get gas for it and waited for the snow.

This morning 10am - I got on line and checked for the fun of it. All 21 throwers were sold and they were out of stock of several other models. Really glad I didn't wait!

4pm - I waited till 4pm to clear the driveway so I'd only have to do it once. My new snow thrower (still waiting for a name) is wonderful. The snow was up to the top of the front end (21" high). It cleared out the driveway nice and pretty.

6:30pm - My friends were having our annual party tonight at 7pm and I only had to go a couple miles away. I headed out with my treat I was sharing, a shovel (just in case) extra mittens, etc. I was ready to go. My street wasn't ready. The plows haven't been through yet and after getting stuck in my street right outside my driveway 3 times I finally gave up.

8pm - yes, I was out there well over an hour getting my car unstuck from the street. I gave up and came in the house to cuddle with the cats, watch TV and eat dill,fresh veggies pizza squares. No party for me tonight. I checked with my friends and our party was cancelled. First time in 30 years.

So, that's my snow story. Tomorrow is another day and all I know is there will be knitting and I'm sure there will be a plow in the street to block my driveway. It's winter in Minnesota and it's gonna be a long one! And I will survive.

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Christine said...

Hehe... funny that you bought a snowblower the day of the storm! But it's a wonderful invention! Too bad it didn't beat the Halloween Blizzard record!