Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Little Backtracking

The past few posts I've talked about some things without pictures well - I finally got the pics out of the camera so its time to do a little backtracking.

First up, a couple pictures of the Road Bowling.As you recall, Road Bowling is a game that comes from Ireland. I don't know where it originally came from but I'm guessing that there was a lot of beer involved. So -

Each team has the spotter down the road while the bowlers are up at the top of the road. This is how the game should look but with us the next pic is how it looked most of the time.

When the cannonballs decided to head off in the weeds it was all hands on deck to go ball hunting. As I said last post - we ended up tagging the road for where 2 balls were still in the weeds. I'm hoping my friend found them. When the game was over we headed back up to the house and sat around looking out over the beautiful viewof his property.

I could be very happy sitting around looking at this every day.

Meanwhile, back at my place, the yellow and blue quilt is coming along. All the 960 little squares have been sewn together into sets of 2x2.

Each of the stacks has 5 sets of 2x2s. Then the 2x2s were sewn into sets of 2x4 (some were kept as 2x2 for the border and edges of the rows.

Some of these were sewn to plain light blue blocks the same size.

Now, I'm in the middle of getting the sets sewn together to create rows that will go up diagonally.

That's where this quilt is so far. But there's other things getting made around here. I made July's Fancy Charity hat- Cloche Divine. The pictures is from the iPad in bad light but - you get the idea. The bow on the side is created by lots of short rows and grabbing stitches from rows below.
 Finally there's still the black out on several projects going on but here's a little peak at one of them...

That's all for now - back to knitting and quilting and ignoring the heat.

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