Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why Do I Bother!?

I decided it was time to go thru the closet and see what fits that used to be too small and what is too big. This was a good feeling to have some big things to give away cause - those things are NEVER going to fit me again!

So while I was in the closet I decided to sort thru and make some more space. I brought the pile of winter clothes into the guest room closet figuring the odds of wearing those clothes when its 99F and 50% humidity were pretty slim.

I grabbed the clothes and dropped them on the guest bed. Phone rang. I knew it was going to be someone who wanted me to donate money or change my cable or review my phone service or one of a million "drive me crazy" telemarketers but, on the off chance it was actually a friend I went and answered it. I was gone long enough to say, "Please take this phone number off your list." (my standard answer) and went right back to the guest room.


Somehow Bert has this built in radar that tells him the second I set something on a horizontal surface anywhere in the house. He could be dead to the world in the deepest sleep of his life on the other side of the house and get to the thing I set down quicker than I can turn around. I only wish I could figure out how to make money on this amazing talent.

Why do I bother to try and keep things clean and fur free? Its a losing battle.

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