Monday, July 9, 2012

First, you take a cannon ball....

With July 4th being the middle of the week, my friends and I got together twice. Wednesday with temperatures at record breaking levels none of us had the heart to "get the grill out" so some of us headed to Old Country Buffet where we could sit and talk and graze on whatever we wanted for a few hours. I rather impressed myself and stayed within my days limit of food intake. Good times and good food are always important for a holiday. Still too hot, I headed for home instead of thinking about fireworks. My neighbors always have to make lots of "boom boom" noises for holidays so I didn't miss out on fireworks completely.

Saturday, the school gang (hard to believe many of us have known each other for over 45 years!) got together at the lovely house of one of us. He lives on 80 acres with views that go on forever. This past year while visiting his daughter at college out east he found a game called Road Bowling. Seems this game came from Ireland originally - County Cork I believe. You bowl in teams of 2 down the lane, gravel road, etc for 1/2 mile - 1 mile - whatever you decide. The team that takes the least number of strokes to get to the end wins. Sounds a bit different but it gets better. You bowl with cannon balls. He had 4 tennis ball sized cannon balls, yup, the real thing! His gravel road is slightly down hill and curvy so much of the time was spent stumping around through the weeds along side the road looking for whichever cannon ball that rolled off the road. After losing 2 of the balls (the weed area was marked so he could cut them down the next day and find the balls) we decided to call it quits. No winners, no losers, just a lot of laughing people with lots of deer fly bites and a few woodticks to show for a fun time. The only suggestion we had was the balls need to be painted something bright, his were the original black.

Before the road bowling we had wonderful food, afterward we had a great time sitting in the side yard with the breeze keeping the flies away and the weather was absolutely perfect. I even got a bit of sock knitting done. What else could you ask for on a holiday week!

One not so good thing, my friend's wife has a tapestry loom that she just got and doesn't quite know how to use it. After finding out I weave (or did a while back) she wants to get together for some lessons. I fear I might be getting sucked back into another of my crafts in a short while. I really have to retire soon so I have enough time to do all these things!

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