Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to Make a Hand Applique Block in 15 Minutes

Today was the last day before returning to work tomorrow. I did a little cleaning, a little sewing, and a little crochet. It was a good day.

While cleaning I found a piece of hand applique I started about 15 years ago. All it needed was 1 leaf appliqued on it and it was done. What in the world was I thinking all those years ago to get it less than 15 minutes from done and not finishing!?! So, it's done. Now I have to figure out what to do with it. Make a wall hanging out of it with a bit of a border. Make some more, enough to create a quilt. Such decisions. In the mean time I have a pretty block to look at.

If you look carefully behind the block you may notice the yellow and blue quilt top. The inner part of the top is done and I'm to the first border. The original design was a thin pale blue border, a border of 2x2blocks in blue and yellow and finally a wider border of pale blue.
My latest quilt buddy hung out with me while I worked on this top. He spent most of the time holding down the top while I was actually working on it. Makes the going a bit slower but definitely more fun!

And where was Chief while Bert was helping out? About 6 inches away from my left foot under the table. I've discovered having the kitty tunnel under the table helps keep one of them off the top table.

So - that's it the crocheting looks pretty much the same as before - just more squares. Tomorrow off to work and after work I'm going somewhere to get something that will make me very happy. Stay tuned!

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Jen said...

Congratulations on completing your block! 15 years, good for you!