Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Knitting Retreat

Last weekend was my group's fall knitting retreat as I said in the last post. We are a group that got together from Ravelry and have been knitting 2-3 times a month since early 2008. It's an informal group, no leader or program, just friends getting together to knit, talk, complain, laugh, and sometimes eat. The past few years we felt the need to get away and have an extended time together. Someone in the group will find a place to rent an hour or 2 away and off we go.

This time was a converted church about 2 hours away near Mankato, MN. It was set up so each side was independent with sleeping for 5 a living room, kitchen and huge bathroom (I forgot it get a pic of the one on our side). We moved the chairs from one side to the other and camped out on the one side. Up in the balcony area was a computer with wifi and 2 craft rooms. really a nice set up! We always bring too much food and it always tastes great.

I ran up to the balcony to get a few pictures. Here's the eating area with the tables from from sides pushed together to fit us all in.

With all the chairs and couches pushed into the room we were all comfortable knitting and chatting.
The far end of each side had mirror images of these stained glass windows. When the sun shined they were absolutely beautiful.

Here's one of the craft rooms tables, chairs and lights ready for quilters or scrapbookers.

 Over the computer and in one of the craft rooms were a couple quilt wall hangings.

Saturday we headed out to Mankato to visit Mary Lou's yarn shop. Back in the day Mary Lou's was in St Peter and was the Brother Knitting Machine Distributor for our area. Every quarter all us dealers would head down to St Peter for a 2 day meeting to see the new products and share ideas with each other. When St Peter and Mary Lou's was damaged by a tornado we all headed down there to help clean up. I hadn't been down to see the new shop so this was a fun adventure.
The shop is in Old Town portion of Mankato and filled with all sorts of wool and other fibers to knit with. I came home with some fingering weight that will end up being a shawl.

 One of the odd things about Mankato - just outside the shop the sidewalk had a very strange poem. It was between the yarn shop and a bike shop. I just don't get it!

Finally, Sunday I headed home to see the boys. They spent the weekend alone doing what boy like to do - have pretend fights.

Wondering what I knit and worked on over the weekend? Well, keep wondering. I'll show you pictures next time. Enjoy a great weekend.


NerdGirl said...

The space you used for your knitting retreat is gorgeous. I love that you all were brought together by Ravelry and moved your community from virtual to real life.

That poem may be the weirdest bit of street art I have ever seen or heard of.

Toni said...

Wow!!!! Crafting in a truly stunning place--that is truly crafting Nirvana!