Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Alive - really I am

I just noticed the date of the last post. It's been almost a month. I was thinking maybe a couple weeks but obviously I follow my cousin's theory of time measurement. However long ago you think something is - double it and you're probably closer. So my couple weeks ago is in reality almost 4 weeks. In my defense, its been a busy month.

At work one of the things I do is train the New Hire class. It's a one day, cramp as much information as you can type class and afterward I'm pooped. I spend the entire day being perky and excited about the company and service excellence and all sorts of things. It's good stuff I believe in but it does wear me out. Well, my usually 1 class a month has been every other week lately and this month I did 1 one week and 2 classes a week later. One of those classes included driving 2 hours there and 2 hours back. I've also been out at some of our remote locations helping mentor site managers 1-3 days a week (more driving, more being perky all day).

Then I went on a knitting retreat this past weekend (more driving). I had a great time and finished several projects but because I went to my quilt guild tonight I haven't had time to get the pictures out of the camera.

All this to say, sorry its been so long between posts. Sorry there's no pictures tonight. But- I will post with lots of fun pics shortly - maybe tomorrow night if I get my act together.

In the meantime I'll leave you with a joke the food delivery guy told us at one of the training sessions.

A skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a beer and a mop........ (I'll wait till you laugh)..... then someone noticed he wouldn't cross the street. So he asks - why not cross the street? The skeleton says - No guts!

Did I mention he was a really old delivery guy?

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