Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bert's in Love

Before we get to Bert, last post I mentioned some secret knitting. I still can't show it to you but here's a little sneak peak. Part way done and in B&W because I can't show the colors. I'm having fun with this. Hope you can see it soon.
WAIT - that's not the project picture. Guess the Boys decided I shouldn't show you any pictures of the project, sorry. They know best.....
This weekend was a weekend with many plans, what did I do? Nothing. I slept, I blew my nose, I coughed and I dealt with another health issue that knocked me out for the full weekend. Maybe I'll be better for the 4th - please.
So - Bert is in love. I've showed you other pictures of him at the TV. Sleeping in front of it watching it. But for some reason he is absolutely entranced with Craig Ferguson. He spends most of the show carefully watching Craig's every move and often reaches out to him. Well - at least he has good taste in late in TV hosts.

Well - between coughing fits, this is all I can handle. Have a great week.


Toni said...

Wow. I bet Craig is one of the first TV personalities with a furry groupie!

NerdGirl said...

The boys look so cute all snuggled up together. It's sweet that Bert has a crush on Craig Ferguson...he is exhibiting excellent taste! He is my favorite late night guy.

Guinifer said...

Awwwwwww, Bert's givin' him a big ol' hug!

Dianne said...

A friend sent me a link to your post! She (me too actually) loves all things Craig.

I'm also owned by 2 cats.

Considering Craig's alleged aversion to cats (I think he's afraid of them lol) you truly should send him these pictures.

I like you blog and I'll be back to visit. Chief and Bert are beautiful.