Monday, June 16, 2008

Floods and Wedding Knitting

This weekend was family time. My cousin's daughter was married in Chicago and many of us went down there to celebrate with her. We had quite an adventure getting there because the freeway was closed because of the flooding in Wisconsin. One cousin started 2 hours sooner than our car and took over 10 hours to get there - should have been 7 hours! He stayed on I-90 till he got to the cut off. Our car hit the dead stop on the freeway area and after a bit (which included my Uncle deciding to get out and walk around the freeway - twice) we decided to turn around on the highway emergency area and head out a different way. We were not the only vehicle to do this and we didn't even decide to until many cars went ahead of us. But - it was the right move. We headed north a bit then headed east and back down to Chicago adding many miles of driving but we got there in 9 hours saving more than an hour of sitting around wasting gas.

The weekend definitely got better after that. I got some socks knitting in during the 3 hours I didn't drive so that helped. We partied Friday night and the wedding was Saturday night. Between those I ditched the family (sent them to the city with my car to see Navy Pier and take one of the boat tours - been there, done that). I got to meet Sharon of She-Knits podcast. We've been email, Skype, Ravelry buddies for a while and couldn't believe our luck when it turned out the hotel was 10 minutes from her house. We had a great lunch at Panera (one of my favorite places) and returned to the hotel to hang out in the lobby to talk and knit.

On the knitting front -

I wore the knit lace top and shrug at the wedding and discovered I'm not a shrug person. Long story - I won't bother you with it! A few days before the wedding I figured I had a ball of yarn still and a bit of time so I made a purse.

It was a quick and easy knit using part of the lace design from the lace top. I'll be writing up this cut little purse shortly and it will be available for all of you to try.


Toni said...

Very cute purse!

Kat said...

I agree, very cute purse. Can't wait to try it.

As for the flooding, I have never been so happy to live in the northern 1/2 of WI. All the flooding and ickyness is south of me. :o

Miss 376 said...

Love the wool you have used, what a lovely idea for using up the excess

toni in florida said...

Such a cute bag! Can't wait to give it a try with some of my "excess" yarn. Might even need to make a few of those for the Christmas gift box, where I stash things all year to give at the appropriate time. Thank you in advance.