Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ready, Set, meet new friends

It's amazing what you can get done when work doesn't get in the way of what you want to do. I'm on vacation this week and have no where to go until Friday when I head out to Chicago for a family wedding.

Today I woke up when my body wanted to, cuddled with the boys while eating a bagel for breakfast. Sauntered into the den to knit a bit where I finished one of the sleeves on the grey lace shrug. I've got less than half the other sleeve to finish. Then I headed out to my traditional pig out at Famous Dave's for lunch. Once a year for vacation I treat myself to brisket at Dave's- YUM.

Then in the next couple hours I got a pair of dressy pant to go with the grey lace top and shrug; a wedding present for my cousin's daughter, my favorite imported candy (Aero from England) and gt home before I would have if I was working working. I love days like this and -
I'm Ready to Go for the Wedding!

In other news I got in contact with several Ravelry friends today. I spoke to MarciaViola from Germany via Skype. She just signed up so I had to give her a first time call. I found out Meghan (StitchIt! podcast) is available to get together with a few of us Thursday night. She's in the Twin Cities on work this week. I spoke to SageRiver from New York tonight via Skype. What an incredible world we live in where knitters all over the world can get together without having to leave their living rooms.

I also plan to get together with Sharon (She-Knits podcast) this weekend in Chicago. The wedding is very close to where she lives and we hope to find a little time to get together.

I have to thank everyone for their interest in my market bag - Rust Goes Green. There has been incredible interest on Ravelry, several people have downloaded it, my stats for the blog were through the roof the last couple days. It makes me very happy! I'll be working on more patterns very shortly. I may have found the design mojo again thanks to this little bag.

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Guinifer said...

You really are brave and sociable! Good for you on your blog stats. You will be meeting so many new people now!