Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rust Goes Green

Every once in a while I dig into the 20 year stash and pull out a half knit items or some yarn and figure out how to get this thing out of my life! This last week I dug into it and found 3 balls of rust colored Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn. I thought it would make a fairly nice reusable market bag. I wanted a bag with a solid bottom for strength and somewhat open sides (to save on yarn). It should have handles that are sturdy and comfortable to carry. Finally, knowing that the top would like to stretch open, I decided it should have a closure that wouldn't be in the way when not needed.

Here's what I came up with -

I made a couple solid bands on the top for extra strength. It still needs a button for the loop closure on the top but, I'm pleased with it.

I also kept crocheting rounds until I was done with 2 balls then stopped to make the handles. After that I just kept going on the bag until I was out of yarn. I ended up with about 8 inches when all was done. That should be about enough to sew in a button.

I'll be working on writing up the pattern over the next couple weeks. I have a few people testing the basic pattern before I rewrite a final version.

So, now I have a reusable market bag that used up 20 year old yarn and in the process I found out that Rust can indeed go green.

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toni in florida said...

Talk about yer immediate gratification! And ecologically wise to boot! That merits a few more exclamation points, doncha think?!!