Friday, September 11, 2009

State Fair - final post

This will be the final State Fair post. Today we'll take a look at some of the other crafts. First up - beading. The "crown" was incredible.

There are many cabinets of sewing. This native garment caught my eye because of the beauty and the uniqueness.
One area that catches my eye is the Machine Knitting. For several years these people were my peeps and many my customers. It's fun to see what they are up to and who won what.

More machine knitting....

Machine knitting - this little guy was so cute.

On to crochet - some of the crochet is just plain cute

and some is very small, beautiful stitches. This was a huge piece but I wanted to get a closeup of the work.

We'll end with the cabinet of afghans. Every year there are a ton of crocheted afghans. They're all wonderful and show a lot of crafting time.

Hope the past several posts have given you a feel for our State Fair's Creative Activity building. I'm always impressed with the level of crafting that happens in our state (I know other state's have great crafters too but - I'm a Minnesotan and have to brag up my own state!)
After looking at all these items I only have one thing to say - I'm off to knit!

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dnaprice said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I've never seen so many beautiful ahndmade item s at a fair before. seriously!