Saturday, September 5, 2009

State Fair - part 1

We had a little accident in the house last night. I turned off the light in the den to go to the bedroom. I never bother to turn on other lights cause I've lived in the house forever (it's the same one I grew up in). I know the house and don't need lights, the den is actually the bedroom across the hall from mine. Straight shot, don't need lights. Except -

I have 2 cats. They hang out on the floor like most cats do. Last night as I was walking to the bedroom I took a step and the carpet cried out in pain. I had stepped on Chief's tail and when he jumped out of the way a big chuck of his tail stayed under my foot.
Poor baby! I felt terrible but Chief, being a wise kitty, knew I didn't mean to hurt him and within 2 minutes he was back with me purring away like nothing ever happened. This morning when I saw the big hunk of fur on the carpet I felt bad all over again and he scored some special kitty treats.

State Fair Preview

I went to the State Fair today. I'll be posting many pictures of the knitting and other crafts but I took so many I need to get them in the computer and sized up for the blog. That's gonna take some time!

To amuse you until I get them ready here's a few pics of crop art. Last year I didn't get over to the crop art area so haven't posted any for a few years.

For anyone who doesn't know what crop art is - people take all sorts of seeds and glue them to a backing to create pictures. Some of the pics are very easy to tell they are seeds, some are insanely well done and without getting up close and personal you would never guess they were seeds.

This year had a few topical items...

Obama in seeds

Frank Sinatra -not totally current but so well done I had to grab a pic

Farrah remembered
I didn't see any Michael Jackson seed pic. Maybe there was one but I didn't find it.

Before I close here's quick view of the crafter's mecca - The Creative Activities building.
This building holds the hopes and dreams of many crafters and a LOT of hard work and talent.
Some of the items are serious works of art.
Some of them are - well - pretty silly but really fun to look at.

I give you the crocheted..... first place winning...........

Turkey Hat.
Welcome to Minnesota. We take ourselves very seriously!
Next post will be some of the knitting. There's a lot and its all beautiful!

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