Saturday, March 23, 2013

Catching Up on Things

I haven't posted pictures of projects for a while. There's been knitting and quilting but no pictures. Time to catch up. Nothing is finished but progress has been made.

First up - Precious Metals Scarf.
I started this one Feb last year out of Happy Hands Hand Dyed Yarn - fingering weight. I pull this project out every once in a while and lately I decided it's about 70% done so I should get a bit more serious about finishing it. The yarn is soft and much prettier than the pictures show.

Where I was at last time I posted this project.

Precious Metals Scarf today - about 70% done
Ten Stitch Afghan  Jan.1, 2011 I decided to take my leftover worsted weight yarn and make an afghan. It gets pulled out for knit night whenever I don't have something I can work on that's easier enough to sit and chat while knitting. It's currently large enough to be a lapghan but I'll keep going until its nice and big and cozy warm. After all - this is Minnesota and we need our warm afghans!
Ten Stitch Afghan March 2011
Afghan today
Garter Rib Sock.  This one hasn't been posted before. I always have to have a sock going just in case I need to throw a project in my purse to have for waiting room and other public down times. This one is Opal Cotton. No pattern - just my generic sock I make when I want something simple to work on.

The Giving Quilt.  I posted this one a few weeks ago. Back then it was a lot of fabric and a few blocks. The pattern is a free download on Jennifer Chiaverini's web site. It's going to Project Linus so I wanted bright fun colors. The border fabric is Teddy Bears, Bunnies, and Elephants while the background is pale yellow and blue and pink blocks.
Right now the quilt is pieced together except for the outside border. When I set it out on the dining room table to take a picture my quilt inspector appeared as if by magic to make sure all the seams are straight and that the quilt will be just prefect for a little girl.
Meanwhile, Chief likes to sit on the arm of the recliner and get cuddles. This is the face of one happy kitty!
So, no finished projects at the moment but old projects have been worked on and kitties have bee cuddled and played with. All in all life around here is good...... if only spring would figure out how to get here!

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Beautiful knitting! Thanks for entering my giveaway.