Monday, March 11, 2013

Goodbye old friend

My life flashed before my eyes on the way home from work tonight. I drove past the house and headed over to get some gas before the car ran out and I was stunned.

Suddenly I remembered my first kiss (Kevin in the AV room); the time I was a patrol captain and one of the 1st graders grabbed my hand and dug in his fingers (I still have faint scars from that); being on stage for a PTA program about what we learned in German; being on the competition girl's volleyball team; meeting my best friend forever for the first time. So many memories. All leaping to mind as I tried to absorb what I was seeing. Sometime this past week someone (without my permission!) torn down my elementary school. The place I walked to for 6 years. The place of so many wonderful memories.

Cavanagh Elementary School - you will be missed!

Part of Cavanagh before demolition

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Beth said...

So sad! This post gave me the goosebumps.