Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Giving Quilt

I read a lot. I read at lunch and I listen to audio books when driving to and from work. I love books. The latest books I'm reading involve a little old lady hunting for a killer while hiding from a mini-mafia (Ivy Malone series) and the latest book in the Jennifer Chiaverini Elm Creek Quilt series. This book has the latest group of quilters spending a week at the Elm Creek Quilt Camp creating quilts for Project Linus. Jennifer Chiaverini was kind enough to write up the quilt the campers make and put the pattern on her web site.

At the same time I was looking for something to get me quilting again. I have too many ideas and keep staring at all the fat quarters and yardage of fabric in my stash. Sometimes making a decision is harder than the actual quilting. So, I decided I'd make the Giving Quilt.

Yesterday I headed over to the Mill Ends Fabric store near my house and grabbed 4 fabrics for the quilt - a border, a background and 2 block colors.

Last night I cut up the fabric to get ready and sewed the long strips. The strips were cut into 2 1/2" lengths and added to the background rectangles.

These squares were added to the bigger square and these rectangles were sewn together to create the final block square. It's called the Resolution Square block in the book but I couldn't find it as a block mentioned anywhere else. Whatever - I like it and it's sewing together quickly.

Once I'm done with the 32 squares they will be sewn together on point and create (what I hope is) a fun quilt for some child who gets it from Project Linus.

If you want to sew one for Project Linus, check out their website to find a chapter near you or a quilt shop you can drop off finished quilts.

In the meantime, while I sew today (and a little knitting) the boys are busy doing their Sunday projects.

Chief is adding a fresh layer of fur to his favorite chair and

Bert is doing quality control to be sure the pillow in the guest bedroom are good and soft.

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