Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wish I could tell you the big news!

This is my best friend's family a "few" years ago. The boys have grown up a little bit - they're now in their 30's. Laurie passed in 2004 and their Dad has lived out East since well before then. That left the boys on their own since their early 20s. They've done a remarkable job cause Laurie and their Dad were/are really great parents.

Why do I put a picture of the Boys up today? Cause the younger one - the one in front is my godson. There's something happening this weekend that will change his life a lot. Something exciting and I'm really hoping it goes well. I love these boys as if they were my own and I can't wait to hear everything went as planned and I can tell you all.

Sadly, last night they also lost their grandpa. Laurie's Dad lost his fight with cancer and is now at peace. He lived over 90 years incredibly active and healthy and will be missed by us all.

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