Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Business Trip with NO KNITTING!

I left the house at 6:00 am this morning to drive 4 hours to Des Moines, Iowa for business. Somehow I forgot to pack any knitting projects. Fortunately, the Yarn Harlot's latest book "Cast Offs" is in my purse. That will get me through the night. I can't believe I brought my camera and accessories but forgot knitting. What a dork!
The hotel I'm staying at has a unique thing - they have Wednesday night Fireside Chats. Tonight is someone talking about the Boundary Waters area in Minnesota (been there - done that - have the scars to prove it) but--- and this is a big BUT- I will be here the next few weeks on Wednesday and the Fireside Chat May 9 is the Central Iowa Knitters. SWEET! I'll have someone to share my evening with instead of staring at the walls of my room or watching something on TV that I really don't want to see. If anyone in the Des Moines area sees this before May 9th - stop by the Wildwood Lodge in Clive and say HI from 6-7 pm.
This hotel (Wildwood Lodge) is really nice. Northwoods theme throughout. I was greeted by a masseuse when I checked in. The room has many nice features:
Nice desk to work at - the TV moves to see from bed or desk. (note the north woods look)

Comfortable chair and reading lamp. Perfect for getting comfortable with knitting (if I brought any) or a good book (Cast Offs)

It a bit hard to see in this picture but the coffee mugs and glasses are real. Plus if the creek rises to second floor - I have paddles to use to "git up the crik".

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