Monday, April 2, 2007

What in the world am I doing?!?!

Back about a million years ago I had a shop. It was my passion. I sold knitting supplies for hand and machine knitting. I also sold sewing supplies - machines, quilting supplies, etc. We had fun. I also managed to travel the country teaching and wrote for a few magazines. People actually liked my patterns and bought them. So why did I quit. Simple. I didn't make enough to survive. No health insurance, no dinners out, no going to the movies, no money. I've been back in the "real world" for almost 10 years but I miss the creative life. It's time to return.

Now this isn't to say I haven't been sewing and knitting - I have. It's just that I haven't stretched the creative side of my brain too much lately. I buy patterns someone else wrote and the most creative thing has been to decide what yarn and what color. I'm in the middle several projects right now. I've knitting some socks - Opal Rodeo; a cable sweater from an old Knitter's magazine; I just finished knitting a gorgeous sweater out of Cascade 22o which needs putting together; and I made one clog that needs a partner and felting. I'll get some picture up of these projects shortly. I'll let someone find this blog first!

The Boys

I have 2 boys that take up a great deal of my time. They are not your typical boys - they have 4 legs each. Chief (named after Grandpa who was a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy) is a 5 year old Ragdoll cat. He is a sweet boy that loves everyone. My other boy is a 2 year old British Shorthair cat. Bert (named after my Dad - George Albert - Bert for short) is a bundle of energy. He doesn't walk anywhere- he bounds, he leaps, he makes mad dashes to everywhere.

Chief & Bert at the computer

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