Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Socks & Hide and Seek

I finally got around to downloading the pictures in my camera so I can post them. Here's a few of my projects finished this year.

I started these socks about a year ago, maybe more. They're Opal Rodeo color 21 (no longer available). I got the first sock done and sort of lost them. Recently I got a tote bag out getting ready for a business trip and the socks decided they won the hide and seek game so came out to play. One sock done - one barely started. I have a habit of assuming I'll finish the item right away so I don't have need for taking notes. Then a year later I get back to the item and have absolutely no idea what I did to get that far. Anyway- I lucked out, took notes so I got to finish the second sock. I like them even though I usual wear black or blue socks (boring).

Next pair of socks were much quicker- about a week. I used Sockotta. I don't believe how much yarn was on the skein (100 grams) I usual make short socks- these are shorter than average socks and knit toe up. I have big feet and thick ankles. I've gotten used to shorter socks because longer ones end up around my ankles looking bunchy. Anyway - I ended up with so much extra yarn I got another project out of the skein.

The extra project was a baby bonnet. I started similar to making a toe-up sock and used the same idea as a pi-shawl. Cast on figure 8 style- 8 loops on each of 2 needles. knit 1 row using 3 needles. Next row double the stitches. knit even- row 4 double stitches. Knit even-row 8 double the stitches. Once it was bit enough I just knit till I came close to running out of yarn and did about an inch of rib. It was going to be a chemo hat but - not long enough. To be a baby bonnet meant tightening up the rib. I did a chain stitch that I thread in and out of the top of the rib and ties it in a bow. I lucked out and had a bit of yarn left so I made a little flower to add by the bow. My model is a special one. My Mom painted her several years ago. Mom doesn't do crafts so for her to go to a class and make something this cute is very special.

Bert wants to play another round of Find the Kitty -

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