Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stash North and Stash South - the more the merrier

Nap time for the boys - notice the special cat protection that covers all my furniture. Whenever I find out someone is coming over I have to rush around uncovering all the furniture. It's the only way I can keep the brown couch from being white. The boys just haven't learned how to help me with cleaning by picking up their hair after themselves.

After a long week of business travels I got to enjoy the day doing nothing. Well, my version of nothing. I sat around and watched TV, made some cookies, pet the cats, and knit. There's someone at work who is expecting so I spent today working on the baby surprise jacket for her.

After spending 2 days in very wet Des Moines, Iowa trying to travel around flooded rivers instead of through them, I got home Thursday evening and fell asleep about 1/2 hour later. That made the third day without knitting or working on any crafts. Yesterday finally gave me a little time to knit. I spent last night playing "missed it by that much". I decided to make a pair of felted clogs for my cousin out of some left over yarn. I ran out with about 25 stitches to cast off and the bottom to seam together. Off to the store to get another skein of wool. Now I have most of another skein I have to get rid of. It will never end!

I know, talking about having 1 skein of yarn to get rid of is silly in the real world of stashes but let me explain. I have stash north and stash south. I started to move into my folks house at Christmas but I'm taking it slow. I'm moving and packing their things (my folks moved to nursing home and assisted living places). We always planned on me buying their house when they moved but it happened quicker then we thought when Dad needed Memory Care "right now". I didn't plan on my having to move them and make all the decisions about what to keep what to give away of their 50+ years of stuff. And deal with their finances, Mom's grocery shopping, being the memory for both of them, and all the other time takers that come with elder care. In the meantime, I'm going through all my stuff - pack-move- give- throw. This includes the stash. The quilting stash, the knitting stash, the stained glass stash. Taking time to get all this done means I've started a new stash at the new house while the old stash is mostly at the old house. You confused? So am I. I always end up wanting something that's at the other place. I hope to merge the two sometime next month. THAT will be a frightened sight.

But for now I live with Stash North and Stash South and trying to keep Stash South fairly small until the happy day they get to become one. Maybe we'll have a yarn wedding to celebrate.

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