Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Boys will be boys

Well, here I am back in Iowa for a few days of work. At least this time I remembered to bring knitting with me.
Chief and Bert Home Alone

The problem with traveling for work is the boys are alone for a while. That was the reason I adopted a second cat back when I got my first home. I knew I'd be traveling some and didn't want my cat to be lonely. Turned out they not only keep each other company but I've always had 2 cats that ended up with very different personalities that delighted me. My boys are both very sweet and love me but they show it in different ways. Chief is my big boy. 18 pounds of cuddle. He would spend the whole night snuggled up to my neck if I let him. He has to sleep under the covers with me at night and be where ever I am or at least within sight of me. Bert is 8 pounds of energy. He doesn't come into the den - he bounds into the den. He is like a Labrador. Thick chest-strong muscles and a tail that knocks things over when he get excited and wags it. His main problem is he's afraid of strangers. At the first sound of a car in the driveway he's under the bed. Many of my friend don't believe I actually have a second cat- they've never met him. Chief on the other hand is at the door ready to greet the guests and allow them to admire his beautiful coat. He's the perfect host. He greets guests, says "hello", will occasionally shake their hand, allow them to pet him, but doesn't jump up on them. Could you ask for any more?

I finished the felted clogs for my cousin but didn't get a chance the felt them. That will have to wait until the weekend when I'm home. I also finished Elizabeth Zimmerman's baby surprise jacket for someone at work only to find out she's going to have a boy - DEFINITELY a boy. That makes me think she would prefer very boy colors. The jacket is blue-purple-white- and unfortunately some pink. Guess I'll have to make another one and save this one for the next baby or donate it. I don't have pictures with me so I'll have to post pictures of these projects when I get home.

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