Monday, May 14, 2007

Friends and Family - Bikes and Sheep

It was a good weekend for the most part. Saturday was spend with friends - that's always good. My friends and I have been together since 4th grade with others joining the "gang" over the years. We get together fairly frequently by planning games nights, evening at the theater, dining out, movie night - whatever we can to enjoy each others company.

Saturday was in memory of Laurie. Laurie was my best friend from 4th grade on. We saw each other frequently during the day at school then would rush home to call each other or go to the others house. Then after supper we'd talk on the phone about life, school, whatever. As adults we ended up going on several trips together after she divorced and I was also unattached. Her younger son is my godson. A couple years ago Laurie died very suddenly of a migraine-coma-brain bleed out. (We never got an official name for her problem). She also had MS so last year I decided we needed to get a team together and ride in the MS30/60 bike ride in memory of her. We ended up the top rookie team, mainly due to Laurie's older sister incredible fundraising abilities.

This year's ride was Saturday. We had health problems for some of us so only 5 people actually made the bike ride. Two team members started before I got a picture but - here's a picture of 3 team members.

Laurie's brother, her Dad, Laurie's son (my godson), and my cousin & friend

After the ride we got together with more of the group and enjoyed our incredible Minnesota weather. Laurie's Dad is a great cook. He made a carrot cake to die for! While we were talking I pulled out some knitting to work on afghan blocks for Greensburg. One friend kept staring at me. He couldn't quit watching my fingers move. It was pretty funny. His wife, Robyn, has decided it's time to learn how to knit. Her church has a group that meets Monday nights to work on the Prayer Shawl Ministry. I promised to teach her to knit so both of us can join the group.

Sunday I went to the Shepherds Harvest at Washington County Fairground. Lots of sheep, yarn, roving, wheels, etc. But I wasn't in the right mood and actually went home with nothing. The rest of the day was spent doing very little because I've been fighting with shooting pain in my back since the first trip to Iowa. I absolutely hate hotel beds. I got a back ache a couple weeks ago and it was just starting to get better when I had to go back down to Iowa for a couple nights. Back to a major back ache. Then I went again the third week and that did it. I hope it will go away in a couple more days if I take it easy. If not, I'll break down and go to the doctor.
My Mom wasn't feeling real good either so we're doing Mother's Day tomorrow night.
Chief was busy watching birds and ducks in the back yard so he was tired Sunday night.
The one thing I did do was finish the second surprise sweater and a pair of booties to go with.
The shower is tomorrow at lunch so I had to get this finished. The booties are from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Newsletter #22 (1969). How long have I had THAT newsletter!! The pattern was written to go with the surprise sweater. There's also a bonnet and bunting. Elizabeth ends the newsletter is a great quote -

"Now let us all take a deep breath, and forge on into the future; knitting at the ready."

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