Sunday, May 20, 2007

Socks and Shawls

It was a busy day with the family but I did manage to get a few pictures to post. My Aunt had a 90th birthday open house this afternoon so I had to coordinate getting Mom & Dad ready to go. Dad's not too hard, I just go over a bit early and get the 2 extra pair of pants and shirts off him. Take off the winter coat and help him comb his hair. What is it about dementia that makes people think they need to wear so many clothes? I noticed that about other people where he lives. Do they just forget they have a shirt on so put on another shirt? Maybe I should look into that some time. Anyway - Mom is the tough one to get ready. She's supposed to be independent still but she really isn't. Last night we talked for about 1/2 hour and decided she would meet me at Dad's (in the building next to her apt.) at 1:45 and we would check his outfit and go to the party from there. I called her at 1:30 to let her know I was on the way and she had forgot all about it. This lead to a panic on her behalf and several - " Oh my, oh Dear" comments. So change of plan. I'd get Dad and drive over to her front door and pick her up there. I finally got both in the car and headed to the party. Mom was all worried because she didn't have a present. We had this conversation about 10 times this week. The card said no presents. Her brother was not bring a present. Her sister didn't want presents. She's not a terrible person for not bringing a present. ETC. I gets very tiring. The party was nice and everyone enjoyed it.

On to the pictures -

First the latest sock. Here's the Amazing Threads Sock of the Month Premiere sock. It's Sockotta yarn Lace Mock Cable Sock. It's on size 2 needles.

Next - The Plymouth Encore yarn. I decided to play around a bit with the yarn I got at Sheepy Yarn Shoppe. I decided to make a shawl. Here's the first skein and I guess I'll have to go get more because I'm I like the shawl and I only bought 1 skein to try out.

Finally - another shawl. I had some mohair looking yarn in the stash from about 10-20 years ago and made a lacy shawl from it. It still needs to be blocked.

Chief - get out of the way!

Well - it's late and I need to sleep before a big meeting tomorrow. And Bert needs to catch his mouse.