Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Reading List

Here’s a list of “light reading” books I’ve enjoyed that are great for the summer. All have a fiber craft theme.

1. Earlene Fowler – Bennie Harper mystery series. Bennie lives in Central California and is the curator of a folk art museum. All 12 books have quilt block names: Fool’s Puzzle, Irish Chain, Kansas Troubles, etc. It’s amazing how many murders can happen in a small town but – they do and Bennie helps solve them.

2. Monica Ferris – Betsy Davenport mystery series. Betsy comes to Excelsior, Minnesota to see her sister and ends up having to solve her sister’s murder. She inherits the “Crewel World” needlecraft shop from her sister and all the characters that come to visit. It’s fun to read about local sites and streets.

3. Jennifer Chiaverni – Elm Creek Quilters series. She writes about a group of ladies that start a quilt camp in an old mansion. No murders just good people stories.

4. Maggie Sefton – Knitting murder series. Her first book in this series was “Knit One, Kill Two”. Kelly Flynn goes to her aunt’s house after she was murdered to settle the estate. In the process she learns how to knit, meets new knitting friends at the shop next to the house and figures out how her aunt died. There’s a lot of good knitting group action in this series, seems Kelly has to run over for a quick yarn fix and cup of coffee a lot!

5. Anne Bartlett – “Knitting: A Novel”. This book is about 2 women with issues. They live in Australia. One lost her husband recently. One lost herself a while ago. They both end up helping each other through setting up a knitting show. The big mystery is – what’s in the 3 bags Martha hauls around everywhere?
There’s other books I may share later but I thought a list of knitting / fiber arts books would be a nice start.


Guinifer said...

Hey! Thanks for the reading list, I'm always looking for something to haul on the road to the cabin over the weekends!

Lisa said...

Sweet, thanks for the good list...also, cute cats:)

Jill said...

Glad you guys liked the list. There's more books where those came from.......