Sunday, May 6, 2007

Some Pictures

Yesterday I promised some pictures. I ended up dealing with some things for my folks so didn't have much time to take pictures but here's a few.
First the felted clogs for my cousin - before felted. I made them with leftover Patons wool. They'll get felted sometime this week between business trip and regular work and getting ready for a bike ride next weekend (MS30/60).
I made Elizabeth's Zimmerman's surprise baby jacket out of some leftover sport weight yarn. Slight problem- the person I made it for is having a boy and what little I know of her husband, having a baby boy wearing a sweater with a bit of pink in the colorway wouldn't make him happy. I started knitting a second one in dark denim blue and red. Manly-man colors.Finally, the boys.
This is Bert's impression of a mint on the pillow. Who wouldn't want to stay here?

And Chief getting ready to greet company.

We've had such crummy weather so far this year that we haven't had a chance to do much with the garden. Dad was always an incredible gardener so you get so see a few pictures from the past years.
Have a great Monday!

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