Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hello and Welcome!


It's amazing what joining a ring do to your blog site. I put a stat counter on the site a few weeks ago and saw there really were a few people stopping by for a visit. No comments but still - you came and visited me and the boys. Then - the Minnesota Knitters ring kicked in yesterday or today and WOOOSH! the number of visitors went up, up up.
Hello everyone! Welcome to my world. I'm still at work so this must be very quick but - please leave a note saying you were here. Chief and Bert love to read from other people and they promise to say HI!
I'm taking Mom out for our weekly restaurant night but afterward will try and get the non-felted clogs felted and get a picture up. I also want to get a few pics up of some of my stained glass work - we'll see.
In the meantime- say HI, read the old posts and let me know if I'm absolutely crazy to be typing away about the things in my life. Is anyone intersted?!?!

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