Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When the boys were babies

I didn't get any pictures taken or any knitting done today so - you get pictures of the boys when they were young.
Chief's "Gizmo" look

Who couldn't love a face like this!
Chief with Mr. Sock who has survived 4 cats and counting (his face is hiding on the back side)

Chief playing Cat and Mouse

Bert's Gizmo look
The first meal together as brothers.
Right now the boys are a little closer together in size but not much. Chief is 18 lb. while Bert weighs in at a very sturdy 9 lb. Just don't tell him he's half Chief's size. He won't believe you!

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Guinifer said...

We do seem to think alike. I had a torti named Mogwai back in my 20's. She was a funny lookin' kitten! My current cat weighs in at 7 1/2 pounds (she's old!) she probably hit nine pounds at her highest fighting weight.